Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tell the story, and let them ask, "What should I do?"

From a recent email from Phil Snelman:

John from Corby, UK recently downloaded "Success in 10 Steps" from my site and I contacted him and spent some time giving him some coaching on MLM. Before I could mention Vitamark to him he joined a brand new MLM that is promoting perfumes here in the UK. I decided to share the 2 minute story with him to show him how easy it is to get people interested in what we are offering.

He was VERY impressed with the simplicity of the story and asked "What should I do?"

Well, he had earlier told me that today (Tuesday) he was going to be visiting an old friend who lived near me so I suggested he drops round to my place and collect a Freedom magazine so that he could also find out about how Vitamark might help him.

He was delighted to take me up on that offer and as I write this email, has just left my house with his Freedom magazine tucked under his arm. He said "I'm really going to study this and make sure I take it all in." Not only that, but he hopes to join you and me and our team when we meet for lunch this Thursday near Birmingham here in the UK.

Wow, this was a great result and I feel confident that John will want to work with us in Vitamark too and all because I took the opportunity to tell him my 2 minute story! Next please!!

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